My Brother

June 1, 2012
By jazmin zarate BRONZE, SunnySide, Washington
jazmin zarate BRONZE, SunnySide, Washington
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I remember the day that we moved to our new home in Buena. When we first moved there we wear all excited because we wear finally getting our own rooms I would have to share with my baby sister. My brother would have to share a room but I guess not no more. We wear at least there for 2 months we moved on the third month because my brother edwin had passed away. I always think of him I will never for get him. No matter how hard I try I will never for get him. The day be for he passed away I remember spending my day with my brother in my room. He would in joy being in my room and lay down on my bed with the stuff bear that I gave him when he was born that day he had been with me all day he didn't want to do anything just be with me so that day he had been with me all day he didn't want to be with anyone ales but me. I was ok with it because I always in joy spending time with all of my brothers and my little sis. I remember how peace full my mom was happy because he was not crying or doing anything just sleep. Till the next day he was crying a lot we didn't know why we thought he was hungry but he wasn't ,we tried changing him but no, so my mom decided to take him with her to the store she had asked me if I wanted anything from the store I said no I wanted to go with her but she said just stay here with the kids cause I cant take ever one so like always my mom won I stayed home with the kids. It was like around 4:30 or 4:40 around that time that I called her because she had left at 1 she didn't go so far she had just gone to the store on the hill she didn't pick up the phone.when I would call it would say that the phone was off but I didn't know why but I knew something was happening I later on received a call from my aunt flaca she said “min something has happened your mom has got in a car accident “ I was crying I asked my aunt what is happening she said that she is going to go to the hospital and find out what is happening your uncle will be right over ok next thing you know my uncle was at the door he saw how I was he hugged me tight but I was just scared I waited for my aunt to call but she wouldn't call I was sitting next to phone just waiting but no she wouldn't call. Two hours had passed my dad calls ,min everything is ok don't worry your mom Is ok I asked foe edwin and he said he didn't make it I was shocked I dropped the phone and started to cry like crazy, my uncle took the kids to there room he didn't want them to see me like this crying but I couldn't believe that my little edwin had died I wanted to be there with him but I couldn't I just knew that I had to pull myself to gather and face it because my brothers need me. After I had calmed down me and my uncle went to go talk to my other brothers the second oldest witch was lalo he took it hard he didn't want to talk about it he didn't cry but at night u could here him cry I didn't know what to do ho I could help him but I couldn't if u ever ask him about edwin he wont talk about him or my other brother that passed away. I will always miss my little brother some how I will never for give my self that I was not with him. I wonder some times why did he have to go go why did he aint here but I guess it was just not ment for him to be here I will always miss him.

The author's comments:
It was hard for me to talk about my brother but i did.

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