Crazy First Day

June 1, 2012
By , Sunnyside, WA
Crazy first day of school? WTF

Okay so i did not know what to write about so i am writing about the first day of school it was crazy .so it was 5:30 and i woke up to take a shower and left at 7:00 and changed and left to school and saw a lot of people and was inpatient to see my classes.

So as the classes when’t by i did not see any one i liked or wanted to get to know as more than friends until’l 2 period which is p.e. I saw this girl her name is well i don’t want to say her name .well over time i guess i got to like but all that changed when we got new classes she became a stranger i hate girls that are like that so i stopped talking to her and started hating her .so now that i got new classes i am trying to see if that changes with some one new.

Ok so enough of that that was only the morning of the first day of school after that my 4 and 5 classes where the best auto maintenance and digital photography. So as i got home my dad wanted me to help him out side so i went and i saw my cousin came over and he brought his gun i forgot what kind it was but it was a hand gun.

so he let me use it and i thought it was all out of bullets so i acted like i was going to shoot him so he said shoot me he thought it was all out of bullets so did i. so i pulled the trigger and i saw him fall and saw blood all over and i was thinking what did i do oh my god i shot him.

okay so we took him to the hospital my dad was asking me what happen? I told him i shot him he just said why i told him i thought the gun had no more bullets well as we sat down at the hospital i was worried but dying of laughter! so as the day ended i laid down on my bed thinking of how crazy wondering how tomorrow will be.

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