False Pregnancy Scare

June 1, 2012
By Anonymous

I had two pregnancy tests, one that tested false and one I was waiting for its results. I was with my boyfriend who was also in my room waiting for the result of the test. Even though the first one was false I was still frightened to see the result. I could feel my heart racing. The ten minutes were up, I went to go look. I felt like ive been through hell and back. I literally felt my heart sink to my stomach! I started crying, “ What did I do im not ready for a baby! How would we take care of him or her? How would I tell my mom! What would she do,say,think!? Will they kick me out? What! I really didn't know what I was gonna do. My boyfriend and I talked about telling my mom that same day. So we did.
As soon as my mom came she said,

“What!” We both stared in silence. Then my moms face quickly changed .

“What did you two do now?” She said worried

“Irene’s pregnant.” My boyfriend said.

My moms eyes got watery, she looked at me like why Irene why? At that moment I felt like telling my mom, april fools! But I couldn't. It was real. It happened. I was pregnant!

“How can you do this Irene, I thought you said you weren't one of those girls!” She told me in a sad voice.

“I’m not! I actually love him!” I said holding back the tears as best as I could.

“Irene, how can a child take care of a child?!” yelling, then she left.

I ran to my boyfriend, who was there for me when I needed him most. I was crying, knowing everything was gonna change. What my mom had told me kept going through my head. She was right I cant take care of a baby at only 14 years old. We waited for the worst to come. That was just the beginning I thought. Just wait until my dad comes thats when it’s gonna get bad. I thought to myself. My boyfriend’s parents got to my house and most importantly my dad got home.

Not knowing what was going on, he asked what had happened?

“Irene’s pregnant.” My boyfriend said again frightened.

“Okay, What happened?” He asked me disappointed.

I couldn't talk, it was like my heart would shatter into a million little pieces. I knew I wasn't going to be daddy’s little girl after that day.

“ So whats your plan?” He asked.

I shrugged my shoulders, even though me and my boyfriend talked about what we were going to do I still didn't have a perfect plan.

“So if I were to kick you out you would go on the streets or what?”

I couldn't believe my own dad had told me that!

“Go to your room!” He yelled angry.

I went to my room I stayed in there all day. When they left for pizza that night I texted my boyfriend. He was the only one I could talk to, the only one who wasn't disappointed in me.

“Babe I feel like leaving :(” I said.

“No they’re just angry, they’ll get over it soon just be patient.” He replied.

He told me that same thing all night.

When everyone came back, I laid back down. My pillow was soaking wet! My mom came in my room and laid down next to me. She had seen I had told my boyfriend that I wanted to leave. She hugged me she whispered in my ear that this was my home, my dads just angry right now. She told me she would help me out with the baby then made me promise her that I wont leave. I promised her of coarse. Then she told me to stop crying because it would hurt the baby. After that I felt a whole lot better.

That night I realized that a mom will always be there for her child. No matter what the problem.. weather its a broken heart or a pregnancy. My mom has always been their for me, My mom is my, Best friend!

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