When realizing the truth....

June 1, 2012
By AndreinaCampos95 BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
AndreinaCampos95 BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
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When realizing the truth......

First day of seventh grade was pretty, was normal. Now three weeks had passed and my crush, who was so cute and smart, became my priority.

I seriously thought that my feelings for him where going to fade away as time passed, and eighth grade was about to start. my feelings grew deeper and stronger.

When I walked into first period and saw him again, I felt horrible knowing that I still liked him, because I new that he had never liked me back, I still could not believe it. As eighth grade went by, my feelings continued.

When I got to the high school, my feelings took the biggest twist and changed, I know why, I started hearing a bunch of rumors, one way or the other about him, they always related to girls and girls, but I never believed them.

Then one day one of his girlfriends started talking to me and we became friends. She would tell me things about him like, “oh last saturday he made out with this girl” and that is where I started believing everything because since that girl new everything about him, I new it was true every detail she would tell me about him, I seriously could care less, and after a while of seeing him again and realizing that my feelings changed from being strong and deep, to just nothing.

I used to honestly feel a thousand butterflies when I would see him, and now every time I see him I feel nothing at all and it just feels like if I where looking at a normal person, although I cant lie that sometimes I do feel something a bit of what used to be but its not compared to what I feel now.

One thing that I did learn from this is that you have to know the type of person the guy is before your feelings take the wrong turn, like mine did took the wrong turn all the way because I honestly never new that he was the type of person that would hook up with just any girl at a party.

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