My Mom

June 1, 2012
By Audrey Rose BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
Audrey Rose BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
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My mother, who is a beautiful and very loving individual. Hardheaded at times, when people give her advice when she doesn't want to hear it. Really funny, when she tells us stories, and she's openminded to every opinion.

From my mom, I learned she is really just strong willed, beacause she likes to do things herself like when she cooks, and cleans. My mom doesn't like to take crap from anyone. I was thinking man, my mom is rude! But really shes just tierd of little kid bickering. This one time, this lady at my mom's work went walking to the boss's office and was saying my mom did something wrong, which wasn't true. And then my mom, got up walked to her bosses office and told her she did nothing wrong, for her to be saying rumors. I think my mom is to modest to do that.

I feel like since she has been through a rocky road, shes molded herself to be successful and independent. When she was young she didn't know her biological father and she was abused by her step dad, and she was poor and gad to watch her four younger sibilings and clean until her mom came back from work.

I learned that shes done evrything by herself to bring food to the table for us, and buy us what we need, when she needs more than us. At first I was thinking she was joking that she needed clothes for work but really she was saying the truth, because she gets us what we need first before herself. Like a time when she was telling me and my brother “I needa new wallet.” Me and my brother said “well go get one.” Then she told us “I can't I got to pay for your guys ASB.” Which makes me feel bad because she worries about us more than we worry about her.

I look up to my mom a lot, I noticed that like when shes tells me “don't be like me, you got something better so go for it, and get out of this town and find a better job.” To me my mom gives the best andvice to anyone if its cleaning, dancing, singing, cooking, or even writing. Which is amazing how she helps us out with school.

I understand now that sometimes I take her for granted and don't appreciate the things she does for me. Like when she leaves her work takes her lunch, just to walk into the office to bring me money, beacause I need it for a club at school or for my drama club.

I now understand that she I trying to make mine and my three brothers life right, because when she was younger she wasn't loved by her mom. Her mom never hugged, or kissed them if they got hurt from running, or climbing a tree.

I love my mom with all my heart and even though we argue we have unconditional love for eachother. And no matter what my mom will always been there for me through thick and thin, because she knows that I can trust her with anything.

The author's comments:
To all the single parents, who try their best to give their children a bright future.

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