Finding Love

June 1, 2012
By Anonymous

I remember how I met My girlfriend. It was on Facebook when we started talking/flirting. I would always get a big cheesy smile every time I saw that she had texted me or when had I texted her & she texted back.

We would text everyday for 2 weeks straight but then we decided to meet in person, so she told me to meet her at lunch. Right when it was time for lunch I was looking all over for her but I didn’t find her until after lunch. Then the moment I saw her I thought to myself that she’s so very cute & I wanted to hit her up.

We would talk more & more & then 28 days later me & her became an us :) Now we are going to be 7 months & I am the happiest I can be & now Im excited because she gave me shocking but great news, that were going to be parents. She asked if I was scared or nervous, I said “No, Im actually happy & excited.” Then she just giggled.

Maria, Do you remember the time when I asked you out? Well that was my greatest moment because when I asked you to be mine, you said yes. That day was the most amazing day ever! For that I thank you for making me see the brighter side of things. I thank you for saying yes when I asked you to be My girlfriend. I thank you for being by my side even when you were mad at me. I thank you for making me so very happy, & I thank you for everything you’ve helped me through. I love you with all my heart & soul, & I’ll love our child the same.

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