BBQ Gone Wrong

June 1, 2012
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I remember when i was with my family and we had decided to have a BBQ! my dad Who was sitting on the couch was the one in charge of the grill and meat, but there was one little problem, he was too tired to do it because of working his two jobs. So that means i was in charge of the meat, So my mom and I go off to the store to go get the meat, onions, and all the supplies we needed for the BBQ. I made sure to buy my favorite choice of meat, which is “Chuleta de Puerco” (pork chops.)

when got home my mom started to get all the seasonings and salads ready.I go outside and find wood to put in the grill because it has a better flavor than propane, anyways i go outside and turn on the grill and i had to wait like an hour so the heat can cool down. I was getting really frustrated because the wood kept turning off and didn't want to stay on, so i go and get a gallon of gas to put on the wood. When i got the gallon it only had a little of gas so i had to make it last.

Once i tipped the gallon all the heat got mixed with the fumes and as soon as i looked away it exploded in my face!! I closed my eyes in terror thinking about all the possible things that will happen if i didn't turn the fire out. with out thinking i ran inside dazed and confused not knowing what to tell my mom, i take a quick glance at the fire on the floor. my mom asks me “what happened out there?” i didn't answer i couldn’t even talk, i mumbled all of my words.

My brother who was asleep ran outside and grabbed the gallon still on fire and threw it in the dirt next to the car, as soon as he did that a police car came to our house. He came out calmly and knocked on our house door my mom stays quiet for a second, the police asks “we got a report of a gun shot in this residence, is that true mam?” umm no sir it was my son who was trying to, Wait now mam i didn't ask about your son he said in a firm voice. I walked outside and calmly told the officer “excuse me sir but it was me who made that noise” you see this is what happened, i was trying to turn the grill on with a gallon of gas but the fumes mixed with the heat and exploded. The officer looked at me like if i was lying or something, so I took him to where my brother took the burnt gallon and showed him. he just talked to my mom about safety stuff and told her not to be letting a minor handle fire and gasoline. The officer left and everything was fine dad came home. Like always my dad has to be the “strict” one in the family always telling us to do one thing and then another. My dad asked me what happened and i answer with fear the gasoline exploded, surprisingly he said it was fine and to not do that ever again

From that experience i learned to do things the right way because if you don't everything can go south in a split second.

The End

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