Nice Guys Always Lose

June 1, 2012
By Anonymous

Nice guys always lose. Many have heard this and others haven’t. Some think it is true others think it is false. But I for one have experienced it first hand. 
  It was the summer of sixth grade and I was at the high school’s drama camp. And that is where I saw her. And while it wasn’t exactly love at first sight , but I knew I wanted to spend more time with her. 

  Time passed because of split middle schools but by no means did I give up. I always liked her despite of the split realms. 

  Then in eighth grade. That one terrible day. One of my best friends apparently met her. He walked up to me and asked if I still liked her. To this day I still don’t know why I said no, but I did. He asked if it was okay if he went after her and again I don’t know why but I said yes. 

  Well during the summer they had a “thing” apparently. they spent time together and always talked.  That was super hard for me to deal with. But then again I did not give up.
  After that they “split up” because of who knows what. But then I thought “this is my chance!”. So there I was trying to talk to her but getting nowhere.
  So I just flat out told her one day that I liked her. But she said she didn’t see me that way.  That crushed me, knowing I liked her for three year and all for nothing. But I decided not to give up. 

  Then one day a friend of mine was talking to her and she said the girl liked me. Well that brought my hope and happiness level to roughly 3,060,496,921and so I was super happy. I thought I should ask her to a movie only to be rejected. After I built up all that courage, after all the times I ran those words through my head, “do you want to go to a movie with me?” But none of that mattered. She said no. I. Was. Devastated. Well that made that cold winter day even colder. I couldn’t make any sense of t. All I knew is it sucked. 

  So weeks later she started talking about us...Not us together but our friendship. She said that she didn’t want to ruin it. She said she also didn’t care if I liked her or not she just didn’t want to ruin the relationship we had. She also said she didn’t want a boyfriend which was funny actually because to this day he still flirts with the friend she “doesn’t like”. But then all of a sudden in mid-conversation she said that she didn’t want me to wait for her. Because “she didn’t want me wasting my time”. That’s also funny because I had liked her for three years. So I knew what I was getting into.

  But I told her that I knew she didn’t like me, and I knew she didn’t want a boyfriend, but if she ever did I would always be there.
  So here I am. As promised. Waiting for the day that will probably never come.
  Looking back now I have realized that sometimes your perfect girl isn’t really always perfect.

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