On The Lake

May 31, 2012
By lovelake BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
lovelake BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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Waves clashed with the side of the flaming red Malibu speed boat. The water on Big Twin Lake bounced the bright sun rays into my eyes, almost seeming like the lake was filled with gallons of sparkling glitter. The front of the boat split the waves, as we flew across the water, pulling the tubes behind us, which were loaded up with the people that we couldn't fit. I loved these kind of days, when we got to leave everything behind and just live in the moment. All laughs, all smiles, all love. We didn't care what people thought of us. If they thought that we were crazy and insane, or looked at us and wished for the chance to be close to someone like we were, it didn't matter, because we were crazy together. On the lake, we could be whatever we wanted and we didn't have to put on an act to hide who we really were. We weren't the normal, properly behaved creatures who tried to act like something we weren't. We were the ones that pulled over the boat to jump off, play chicken, while the adults waded in inner tubes, drinking pina colada's. We were those crazy people who have war on a tube, outdoing each other with tricks, fighting to see who could stay on the longest. The ones who will stay on a boat for 10 hours strait and not drive each other absolutely crazy, whose music you could clearly hear from across the lake. But we were the kind of people that loved you through your flaws and caught you when you fell.

We were having another tube war. Reynolds vs. Fluegels. I kicked Michael's side and he splashed loads of cold lake water in my face, blinding me from his tricks. Both moms were hunched over on top of us having a sissy fight while we raced across the lake. I took a big shove at Michael and he twisted off the tube, taking his mom down with him. Score one for team Reynolds! We had been going at this war for the entire weekend while we were up at their cottage in Kalkaska, and we were winning! They swam under our tube and flipped us, knocking my mom off and throwing me onto Michael, pulling him under again. We all laughed. No matter what we did together, if it was tubing, poker, snowboarding, stupid human tricks or just talking with each other, we always had so much fun. Sarah drove the boat back to the dock, leaving us in the middle of the lake. The moms both screamed at Mr. Fluegel who was on the new porch to bring them a tanning tube and a pina colada while me and Michael raced back to the canoes to play tip-the-boat, shoving each other under the water whenever we could. Even then, all laughs, all smiles, all love, no matter what.

The author's comments:
I got inspired to write this piece as a reflection on my year in 7th grade. I wanted to show a happy memory that I cherish and want to share with the world so that they can have some insperation too, so they can live happily in life.

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