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May 29, 2012
By mkfarrelly17 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
mkfarrelly17 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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The little girl squealed with delight as soon as she heard her dad say that they were going on a bike ride. She giggled at the thought of how jealous everyone would be of her brand new red tricycle. Her mom took her by the hand and they walked to the garage, the little girl skipping behind her happily. The little girl picked up her little red helmet, of course she had to make sure that she matched her bike, and slipped it on backwards, totally confused.
“Mommy? How do you put it on?” The little girl asked pathetically, she already was ruining her glory.
The mom laughed, slipped the helmet on her, and buckled it up, planting a kiss on the girl's cheek, and put on her own helmet.
“Need help getting on?” The mom chuckled as her daughter crawled on top of her trike.
“I got it!” The girl squealed, grasping the handles thankfully in her hands, her glory remained strong.
The dad led the way, vying with his son. The mom kept back, leisurely watching carefully over her little girl as she rode, occasionally getting stuck in a ditch or some dirt, but somehow always finding her way out of them with no help. The little girl rode on and on, seeming like forever, but it was a short moment that she would remember forever.
“Can we go on a bike ride?” I asked, just finishing to clean up after dinner.
“Sure,” My mom replied shrugging and walking towards the garage.
My brother and I raced each other out of the house. He slipped on his helmet as I slipped on mine. He stretched on his brand new red and black fire bike that matched his helmet, his gift from our parents for his birthday. But I had got something cooler for my birthday, a purple princess bike that had to match my helmet, with training wheels of course. Our parents slipped on their plain-Jane gray helmets and got on their old, dirty bikes.
“Race you!” I howled to my brother from the top of our driveway.
“Are you ready Megan?” He asked a slight sneer in his voice.
I nodded as he yelled go I dragged my bike by its handles down the driveway and shot onto it as soon as I hit asphalt. I pedaled with all my might, pumping my legs as fast as they could go, but my brother was already ahead of me. I raced after; just catching the sound of tires behind me, my mom was right there in case I fell. But I never did as I went faster and faster, barely passing my older brother as we reached the cul-de-sac. I cheered my victory in his face as soon as we got in the garage. I had finally beaten him! The short 10 minute bike ride had lasted a while in my head, the simple moment of beating my brother stuck deep in my memories along with riding my red tricycle for the first time.
“Come on Megan!” Katie squealed, bouncing up and down around me. “Please, please, please come with us on the bike ride!” She continued to beg.
Rolling my eyes I agreed, it would be nice to get outside anyways. My sister and I joined our brothers and dad in the garage, slipping on helmets and getting onto our bikes. Both of my younger siblings dragged their red tricycles down the driveway, and then raced each other around the island as the rest of us rode slowly down the driveway on our bikes.
“Race you Katie!” Ryan dared her, giggling at the thought that he would win.
“I’ll say go!” I replied, wanting to help them out a bit. Maybe I just wanted to see my younger sister win like I did so long ago. “Are you ready?!” They both nodded eagerly. “Are you set?” Ryan nodded and took off. Katie pouted and crossed her arms. “Hey, not fair, you have to wait until I say go,” He turned, a slight smirk on his face and got back into place. “.......GO!”
They both took off, Katie just a bit behind Ryan. The distance between them grew as I rode in the back leisurely, watching over them, Sean was next to Katie urging her on. My dad seemed to be having his own little race with Ryan as they both vied for the lead. It seemed obvious that Ryan would win with no problem. Or so seemed. Katie began putting all her power into the little pedals, sweat glistened on her face, her dark black hair slicked back from the heat and sweat. She pulled forward in front of him just at the turn into the cul-de-sac. Ryan defeatedly slowed down.
The moment reminded me of the time I raced Sean and somehow won in the same spot and the time I rode my red tricycle just like they did, all over the neighborhood. The three moments winded closely together, making sure that I’d remember this small, fun moments I experienced with my family.

The author's comments:
My teacher required us to write and enter a memoir piece based off of topics we write about a lot in our writers notebook. Mine just happened to be Remembering small times with family.

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