May 27, 2012
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Ever since a young girl I was always moved by the will to achieve,to succeed and to strive for what I want. I can hardly recall a day when I would just let go and give up on something I really wanted, Now I actually feel sorry for the trouble I bought to my parents and the way they had to fulfil all my little wishes
The golden days of my childhood actually found my inspiration, my ultimate goal for a lifetime.I was about six years old when I went to spend my summer holidays on my grandpas farm.The vacation went pass well until the day I fell off the front window of the house in an unsuccessful attempt to get the kite stuck on the nearby olive tree .I was rushed to the hospital and was given numerous treatment on one of my injured leg.I thought I would never be able to move my leg again. After a few week or more I recovered .It was that then I realised what I had to strive for.i was self motivated to join the medical field in the future,this burning desire seemed to grow with time.I had been working for my dream since the age of six,when little girls wanted to play with Barbie dolls,I preferred playing doctor alone by myself.

Now that its time for me to go to college.I am ready for the challenges that may arise and am not afraid to face any obstacles in my way ,because nothing on this earth is ever easy to achieve,sometimes you have to hurt yourself to discover what your biggest dreams can be and to work for the cost of there fulfillment .

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