The Big Hill

May 29, 2012
By JessicaFedran BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
JessicaFedran BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
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My summer of 6th grade as devoted to hanging out with my sister and are friends Lindsay and Amanda. Every day we rode our bikes or roller blades to our elementary school, Southwood Glen. We did this every single day. It wasn’t that great but it gave us something to do. Lindsay and Amanda always met up at my house, while me and Michelle grabbed our bikes out of the garage. We would ride down Hilltop Lane, speeding past the house with the enormous, hairy beast that some people considered their dog. We rode through the neighborhood, usually stopping at the creek. The creek was the barrier between the forest and the rest of the neighborhood. We would climb down to the creek and look at the frogs and fish. The cattail and weeds rose over our heads and sometimes the weeds would be so high that it almost looked like a jungle to us. We would throw rocks into the water and watch all the minos swim away in panic. Once we got done with this we continued to ride on. We rode through the neighborhood, past the tall trees that blocked out the sun. We didn’t stop until we got to the school. We always entered the school through the back road, which connected to the playground. We rode up the black concrete path that overlooked the colorful playground and the red-bricked school. And soon we saw it, he big hill. At the bottom, laid the playground and the black pavement. We all looked at it then looked at each other. We knew what we were going to accomplish today. We were ready to take our bikes and ride down that steep grassy hill. All of us got off of our bikes and pushed them up and up until we reached the top. I looked out and could see the top of the school from this hill. There was a bit of fear in me but my adrenaline was pumping to much to even care. Amanda went first. She rode down that hill like there was nothing to it. She glided to the bottom and turned her bike to wait for the rest of us. And then my sister went. She started off at a good speed, riding pretty smoothly, but then she hit a hole of dirt. As the bike dipped into and out of the hole my sister, weighing like 50 pounds, flew into the air. The thing is, even though her body flew up, she kept her hands on the handle bars. I knew this was going to turn out bad. As my sister held onto the handle bars, the rest of her body landed behind the bike on the back tire. She tried to keep up with bike by running behind it, or more waddling behind it, but as the bike went faster, the faster the tire went rubbing and hitting her in the stomach. Lindsay and I stood at the top of the hill gasping but our gasps soon turned into hysterical laughter. Through my laughs I was yelling at my sister to let go, but I knew she was more concentrated on the tire that was hitting her in the stomach. By the time she got to the bottom of the hill, she was balling her eyes out. I was doing the same but my tears were from all the laughter. I felt bad but that was honestly one of the funniest things I have ever seen. To this day we still make fun of her and remind her of that horrible but hilarious ride down that big hill.

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