April 30, 2012
By LookinDownOnYou BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
LookinDownOnYou BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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Too young? Too small? In the ninth grade I told people I was playing varsity football for the high school. When I told my classmates this they laughed at me. They told me I was too small to play with the bigger competition. I suddenly took this as a challenge. Since then I’ve accepted the challenge to overcome any obstacle despite my size. Soon enough the football season began. Earlier in the season I used get worn out and dominated by the older and stronger teammates. I took it upon myself to get strong and in top physical shape to hang with the older guys. In the second week of August we had a 4-way scrimmage against Northwestern, Groves, and East Detroit. I was nervous. Before the scrimmage my friend Archie told me not to be nervous. He said the other teams were not good. If they were he’d be nervous, but he wasn’t. The news relaxed me a little. Within the next half hour I suited up for game time. At the start Coach Mario put me in at right corner. I can still hear his voice, “Cisero! Get Addison at corner next play!” Next play I ran out. As quick as the play started the running back from Groves bust open quickly. I chased him down as fast as I could and made the play. A few plays later my number was called again and I answered. When I finally relaxed and got in the zone I was on every play. After the scrimmage I was given props for a job well done. When our first official game started I was playing varsity.

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