The Playoff's

April 30, 2012
By john williams BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
john williams BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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A lesson learned is a lesson well taught I always say, I have experienced many lessons in life but I can recall 1 life lesson that I can recall. It was the summer of 1999, and I was 4 at the time, the day was hot and I was on the side walk. Competing for the NBA Championship, it was the playoff’s #24 vs. me, myself and I. Basketball was my favorite sport, I always attempted to be like, one of the tall men on the television. Dribbling, shooting, and dunking the ball, in the miniature size basketball rim, were my daily routine the sidewalk, was my court and I made it my home any time I stepped foot on it.

I was, having a wonderful time then I looked at the clock and it read 56 seconds left so, I attempted what any other professional ball player would do, I took it to the hole and soared through the air and attempted to spin. Everyone in the stadium jaws to the floor and all eyes glued on #24; their heads moved with his body as he was spinning with one arm in the air holding the ball and legs twirling like helicopter wings. As he approached the rim the suspense was building “Will he make it or will he come up short” as the commentators yell with excitement BANG! the balls fly’s into the crowd. The fan” sigh” as they throw their #24 merchandise and snacks on the ground, with disappointment
. As daring as the attempt was it cost the team the championship but that was the least of his worries. The orange ball rolled into the stands; here is where#24 problems’ occurred number. He was always told by coach “Under no circumstances, do you ever go into the stands because that’s where fans are and their just jealous of all your fame and they may attack you.” Coach Granny Smith made it clear “I don’t care if its and earthquake, and safety is in the commentator booth you don’t leave this court unless you have me at your side”.

The ball was in the stands and a devil appeared on one shoulder and an angel on the other. The devil said “Do it!” and the angel said “Just go in the house and get grandma.” the devil was so convincing and he said those words “They will never find out.” So I looked both ways and ran into the stands, I felt like a loose dog getting free from its chain. As soon as I got back onto the side walk I heard a very loud and Aggressive voice “JOHN GET YOUR BLEAP IN MY OFFICE RIGHT NOW. “My heart started pounding immediately, the thoughts started running through my head I cost the team the game; and I disobeyed the coach.

I slowly walk into his office she sat there with a contract in her hand, she looks at me slowly and opens her mouth “Do you have any idea what you could have gotten yourself into if any fans would have saw you in the stands huh? Do you? “I mumbled “I didn’t think anyone would notice honestly.” She responded “Go shower up your suspended most indefinitely I’ll show you what it means to disobey your coach”. That was no, pleasant suspension and I have the paper stub to show for it; I out for 2 seasons with no pay. Now that I’m 17, and I look back on the whole situation my parents were only protecting me from getting hit by a car. Who would of knew that a simple game of basketball would cause me so much grief.

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This a short excerpt from my life

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