April 27, 2012
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All my life I’ve loved cartoons, and I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to make these things myself. Recently I’ve wanted to take that dream into fruition, and I was willing to do whatever it takes to begin. I knew I could do it, I saw all of these great artist, some younger than me, all turn-out these great things, and the tip of the iceberg came when a friend took me to the college I wish to attend after high school, CCS.

I saw great things; CGI, Paintings, Charcoal drawings, Game design, and most importantly, Animation.
So right then and there, I knew I had to get started.

I searched the internet, looking for different things; storyboards, tutorials, you name it.
Then I got different supplies; special pencils, top notch erasers, special papers, the works.
I even began to write the stories for the situations that would occur in the cartoons. I wanted to start out with a more light-hearted approach, but they’ll get more serious as it goes on, thus the story of character development.

At this, I was elated. The fact that I took the first step at being an animator was a great accomplishment in my eyes. Now I was moving on to the drawing, which was something I was most ecstatic about! I must say, I was not planning on a Hiatus anytime soon. But one day, that plan was sidetracked…

I thought id ask my teachers my grades, I thought I was doing pretty well in at least most of my classes, but I was wrong.
I only had one good grade, an A I had in physics class, but everything else was horrible, unspeakable, awful. So I saw that with my lacking weight in academics, that there was a small margin of time for me to spare on other things, and that these grades of mine held the key to my future.

And if that wasn’t enough, I have a problem with laziness as well! I was in a totally bad situation, and I knew that if I didn’t get over it, my dreams are as good as gone…

So I knew then and there, until my priorities were straight, and I got over my case of procrastination, I must cast my project on…


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