My Classmates

April 27, 2012
By Salvador_Dollee GOLD, Detroit, Michigan
Salvador_Dollee GOLD, Detroit, Michigan
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A burst of something went flying through the air. Screams and Coughs showered the room. People covered their mouths and nose from the deadly air that was sprayed into the closed, trapped environment. There was no breathable air left to be inhaled.

What sounds like an old World War II story, is actually a menacing, reoccurring foolishness that is…
My Classmates!

I was sitting in my desk in the back of the classroom. The room was quiet. It was so quiet, it was almost dead. “Uhh… Who did that?” one of my Classmates decided to shoot quiet down and drag him out the room.

We all stared at her in unison. “What are you talking about?” another one of my classmates asked. “That smell” the original student said…
(More like SCREAMED!)

Now what really gets to me about my Classmates is that when there’s a putrid smell in the room, they decided to take in the deepest breath they can get. Some even got up out of their seats and walk around the classroom, just to locate the smell.

But about the same time everyone in the front started screaming, no one had to get out their seats to get a good sniff of whatever was hovering in the fresh air, because the odor walked right over to everyone and waved “HELLO!” The whole class screamed.

I personally tried my hardest to keep my consequences and not react like my fellow Classmates. Unlike my fellow Classmates, I’m thoughtful for other classes in the halls that can hear us. I wouldn’t want to disturb their class from learning.

But then that stench got into my nostrils. It smelt like death was in the corner of the room eating a tuna sandwich and some funyuns. Like a pit in the room filled with dead bodies rotting.

What in the world can produce like what was in the room that day? Nothing human I know that! What could unworldly creatures conjured up that?

Wait! I Know!

It was my Classmates… One of the crafty ones decided to bring a Stink bomb to school. They also decided to light the match in sixth hour!

We lifted windows and opened doors. We migrated from one side of the classroom to the next. She sprayed the air freshener, but it was no match. The fumes flooded the room.

And who do we thank for the devious fun?

My Classmates!

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