The Return

April 27, 2012
By Michael Cleveland BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
Michael Cleveland BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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As I stand with my heels on the 10 yard-line, nervous with chills going through my body, all I can do is pray; prayer always calms me in the moments when I need it the most. The furthest man back, I can see the whole field. I look down through my helmet and see my green and white Nike cleats laced up, I know I am ready.

As I look up and see a long line of 11 white jerseys, my adrenaline begins to rush. The kicker has a mug, and his hand held high. The whistle blows loud. The crowd begins to scream. I know all eyes are on me. It is my time to shine.

The kicker charges the tee and kicks the ball. A loud thump is echoed throughout the stadium. I watch the ball sail through the air. I can picture my coach telling me what to do as if we were in practice.

“Run faster” he always use to say.

While running to catch the ball, I examine everyone’s position on the field. I jog a couple steps, then explode and dash right. I glance across the field and cut left. I can see people running after me in the corner of my eye. I look straight ahead and there is a slight opening. I burst up the field and break two tackles. Now I am in the open. Just me and the kicker.

I head straight toward him, and lean forward. Right as we are about to meet, I spin off of him. I slip, and begin to stumble. I place my right hand on the ground to regain my balance. Staring forward, I see nothing but grass but I can hear the pursuit closing in.

I begin to pick speed back up and run up the sideline, I can hear someone right behind me; I can also hear the crowd screaming, telling me to run. As I begin to dive in the end zone, I feel a snug on my back. I reach. The ball is extended. I fall. When I look up I see the referee holding up his hands signaling touchdown!

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