April 27, 2012
When people doubt you, how does that make you feel? Crappy? Useless? Sometimes even suicidal, right?
That can sometimes mess you up both mentally and emotionally.
I was doubted by so many people it put me in a very unstable stage to the point in my life I wanted to just end all right then and there. That is not a good feeling.
At the same time, now that I’m past it, it was the best time of my life. A lot of events helped me become the young lady I am today.
I am happy for every problem I came in contact with because they have built up a great character and it gave me a great story to tell. I can remember times I was just sitting there thinking “Nobody really cares for me.” I have cried myself to sleep so many times.

My life is and has always been full of long harsh times.
All those times has given me the feeling of being afraid and lonely. When I was 3years old I was left in an abandon house for 3-5days. My mama was strung out on drugs. My dad was nowhere to be found at the time. He was never a big factor in my life.

I recall myself thinking, when I found this out, of how I was brought out of that situation.

As I got older, it hurts me more and more because it is always thrown up in my face because people just want to hurt me mentally and emotionally. No one cares too much for me. I say this because when I did get out of that situation I ended up living with my cousin.
Life over there was not easy for me. Not that I expected it to be, but things got ten times worst.
I was judged off of my mother’s background. Every time something came up missing I was the first person that everyone ran to.
I got sick of it.
I was fed up.

Eventually I started following in her footsteps. I was always stealing from my family. I was caring anymore. I just wanted to do it since I was getting in trouble for it.

I then got older and realized that’s what everyone wants from me. They wanted me to end up like her or like someone else in family. But I can truly tell you that will not happen to me because I’m better than that.im better than what they want from me.
I was once told that the best type of revenge is to prove them wrong and that’s what I plan on doing. I made it this far I don’t plan on stopping now. People have always told me I would end up on drugs or a drop out with kids. Although that really messed me up I have learned to take in and make something positive out of it.

My life was nothing but a rollercoaster ride. I had my ups and downs. In the end I was a fun ride.
I just really want to thank everyone that tried to put me down because they taught me how to be strong and they taught me how to never give up on anything. I really want to thank them because they gave me a better character and an even better lesson in life. So I’m happy for every problem and tough situation that I came across, that is the reason for me being the great person I am today. Whoever said that nothing good can come out of a bad situation was wrong. I am the proof.

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