April 27, 2012
By Joycelyn Williams BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
Joycelyn Williams BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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April 3rd coming from school and the whole car was deadened and my older sister was in the car which was unusual but I didn’t question it.

My uncle was in the hospital I hate being in hospital the smell makes me sick to my stomach. He has been in there for a minute now we usually go see him after my mom picks me and my brother up from school we stopped at a red light

I asked my mom were we going to see him. She stared back at me. The look on her face.

I just can’t explain it looked like she had lost everything in the world then she said,”He died”.

It was like everything just paused.

My brother started to cry and all I could do was stare into space like nothing was there the whole ride home I just sat like that like I was hit in the head and was struck dumb. We pulled up into the drive way and everybody got out of the car and I just sat there.

My mind went totally blank it was too unreal.

It took me a minute to snap back into reality. I finally got out the car and went into the house my mom asked me was I ok.

I didn’t answer.

I just went in my room closed the door and laid in my bed. I felt as if someone popped me like a balloon and life was slowly deflating out of me. For the next week or so.

I just laid there. No calls. No Text.

Till this day I still feel lost without him.

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