Hell Has Many Forms

April 27, 2012
By Anonymous

"Oh my god! I'm so nervous!" I said to my friends,on my way to middle school.
I was starting 6th grade that year.
This was it.
No more elementary school.
In my 11 year-old head I was thinking that this is the year that I could attempt to be more popular.....popular was all I was thinking.
I never knew I would be so far from popular that year.
From 2008-2011 I had gotten into so many fights (verbal), lost most of my friends from elementary school, and the stuff I said that I wished I had never said.
I remember that the worst thing that happened was the fight in 6th grade between me and my former best friend.
Since 1st grade me and her had done almost everything together.
From eating lunch together to riding our bikes to parties......
Well until 6th grade.
On a sunny morning in June of 2009 I was standing at my bus stop and that's when it started.
I got a text.
Not one that said "hey" or "good morning."
"You are nothing, I was never friends with you. Your parents hates you, teachers hate you, everyone in our grade hates you. So bye bye asshole."
After the LONG day of school I came home.
"Hell comes in many forms" I said to myself, walking through the front door. "And middle school is one of its forms."

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