April 27, 2012
By jerry-kinney23 BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
jerry-kinney23 BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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A time I was motivated was when I first played football “I was ten years old and I was so excited to play football for the first time in a real game”. I hadn’t played in a real game I always played street football. I was kind of nervous my first game but eventually it wore off.
“Later on throughout the season football became more and more fun each game.” I started to grow a love and passion for it. When I played my first game I started at wide receiver and corner and I played kick return for a game.

My first team I played for was the Detroit Dragons in PAL (police athletic league) because I had played so well at kick return in practice every time they would kick me the ball I would score so they decided tried me at it when they put me in I was nervous they opposing team kicked me the ball and I didn’t catch it the other team almost picked up the ball. They never tried me at it again ha-ha but it was fun till this day I still play football.

Motivation has helped me because when you play football you have to be motivated and strong on not giving up because if not you might fill like you want to quit or give up I am motivated and I truly believe me playing football can lead me to the NFL or somebody’s college I love football with a passion without it I probably wouldn’t try to keep my grade up because you have to have good grades to play.

I am destined for greatness and my motivation has kept me going. I know some day I will be somebody great I just have to keep the faith and stay motivated.

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