My Life Line

April 27, 2012
My little sister means the world to me. No matter what I will always be a part of her life. We have the same mother but I stay with my grandmother and my little sister stay with our aunt. Her name is Calisha and she is 11 years old. I love her so much and she looks up to me. Calisha is my reason for living. She was a premature baby and her being alive was not promised.

I don’t get to see her everyday but we always talk on the phone no matter what. I love hearing her voice and just knowing she is okay. I love all of the stories she tell me about school and her friends. Last week Tuesday she called me and said “Tae Tae guess what”. I said “What little girl how was your day?” She went on and on about the boys and how annoying they are and how the little girls all act like they are grown or the boss of everyone. I laugh so hard at her stories and thank God that she has her own mind and she is not a follower. She always keep her head up and I try to remind her that if we try we can rise above all it just takes time.

My step dad which is her father has been in jail her whole life and my father isn’t in my life so we are very close. I like being someone she can look up to because it motivates me. She won’t eat anything until she sees me eat it unless she has already had it. Like one time I asked her did she want some Cheese Puffs and she replied “Eww gross”. After she seen me eat the chip she instantly wanted some and now they are her favorite chips in the world. Everything is not always so happy and fun though.

Sometimes I get really stressed out and just want to give up on everything but then I think about my only little sister and how wouldd be if she wasn’t here.

Calisha has changed me a lot.

I didn’t care about anything like when I used to go to Southfield I always got in trouble daily. wouldd get kicked out of every class and talk back so much. One time my science teacher made me so mad and I refused to leave so he called security and I said some disrespectful things but later I realize I was wrong and I apologized.

As I’m getting older I’m starting to realize that the decisions I make affect the ones around me not just me. wouldd never want my sister to become disrespectful or become someone no one likes being around. There are not a lot of positive role models in her life so I try to do the best that I can. My little sister and I have been through so much together I just hope there’s a day I don’t have to go on living without her. Calisha means the world to me whenever it comes to her she’s my ONLY priority. She have been there wiping so many tears and she don’t understand why I cry but she always say “Don’t cry Tae Tae, I love you, everything will be okay”. I treat her as wouldd treat my own child and can’t anyone or anything separate me from my little sister.

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