My Last Time

April 27, 2012
By EGarner BRONZE, Ferndale, Michigan
EGarner BRONZE, Ferndale, Michigan
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My first and last going to the street races on Grand River was very excited to be going to the street races. It was an real thrill be going to one on the street races finally. I always wanted to go to them but no one ever took me. I use to going the race track only. The drag track was fun but I wanted to go to the street races. I heard a lot of good interesting things about the street races. I use to hear from all types of people even my grandma. They use to say stuff like “it’s pretty fun you’ll enjoy yourself you just have to watch your surroundings. But no one wanted to take me to there. Maybe because it’s illegal and they didn’t want to be there with that type of stuff. My brother and cousin use to go ever weekend they told me.

“It’s like the movies you see and there are all types of cars racing up and down the street”.

But this one weekend I lucked up and stayed with them this weekend. I usually find something to do then stay with them. But this weekend I stayed with them and got lucky and got to go to the street races. So we got ready to leave we called a few people to see if they wanted to go with us but they were all busy so we headed there. When we got to Grand River there were cars parked on the grass and on the side of the street to keep the street clear for people can race. Then there was cars racing up and down Grand River. The cars were going pretty fast to me to just be on a regular street. The cars were going a little over 100mph. we parked the car and walked to Grand River to watch the races. It was all types of cars racing if you name it they were racing it. Most of the people were making bets on the races. Most of the races didn’t races unless they were betting. Then there were people making side bets. I was really enjoying myself in a way this was kind of better then drag racing. It was more excitement in the street races then drag racing.

Then everything had gotten really interesting and really loud. So we walked a little down the street to see what was going on. When we got there it was a man named Dread.

“We asked him what’s going on?”

He said ”there’s a 15,000 bet between those three motorcycles, they been talking trash to each other on the internet forever now they get to race each other”

Then Dread went along about his way trying to clear the streets better so wont nothing bad happen while they are racing. Then we walked back down the street back to where we were better. Then there was an old school coming the street my cousin had told me.

“They just crashed last week he’s getting his car fixed now”

“Then asked was it a bad crash?”

“He said they it was pretty bad”

Then all of a sudden we heard some motorcycles revving there engines and burning rubber. We looked down the street then that’s when we seen them waiting at the light lined up. I saw one was an Ducati and one was a Hayabusa and I dint see what type of motorcycle was. But I know those two are some of the fastest motorcycles. Then the light changed green the motorcycles pulled off they were going pretty fast. The Hayabusa was winning in first place. The Ducati had second place right behind the Hayabusa. The other motorcycle was losing far behind. It was a perfect place for what was about to happen. A car pulled out in front of the Hayabusa then the Hayabusa slammed into the car. Then all we saw was the man flying in the air. But his bike went and flew into the man on the Ducati and hit the man off his bike. Then the Ducati exploded into pieces. The third motorcycle that was losing didn’t crash at all he just kept going. Everyone ran to their cars and some people ran up to the guys that feel off their motorcycles. But my brother, cousin and I went the car. One of the guys died off of impact. The other dude was just laid out on the ground hurt real bad. But the man lived the crash was soon charged with murder because the man he was racing got killed racing against him. Ever since then we never had been to a street race. We don’t plan on going to any more just. We are going to stick to going the track and drag races.

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