Overcoming Myself

April 27, 2012
By sloanBryana BRONZE, Southfield, Michigan
sloanBryana BRONZE, Southfield, Michigan
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Saturday March 24, it was my little cousin Miguel’s birthday, He was turning 8. He had a party at Bonadventures Skating rink. I took my one year old niece Alana with me to get her off my sister’s hands because she had just had a baby 3 prior. That same day a little earlier I asked my grandpa for 40 dollars for my nails and lashes. That’s what I planned on spending my money on. So we arrive at the skating rink, and in my mind I’m only planning to spend about fie bucks on snacks for my niece just in case she got hungry or thirsty, but as I pulled out my money my little cousin asked for 2 dollars so I gave it to him. He came back asking for quarters, then more dollars. Before I knew it I didn’t have anything left but a five. Everyone knows I hate sharing and giving people money, so for me to give away all my money was a shock for me and too the world. I actually felt good that I spent money on someone else other than myself for once. I especially felt good because my little cousin just had the time of his life and so did my niece. I got over my selfish ways and realize the kids are more important and there are more important things to worry about than 40 stupid dollar, that could be replaced, at the end of the day I felt myself change for the better of coarse. I see myself becoming more generous. I see myself changing for the better inside and out.

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