My Life Changed When...

April 27, 2012
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I went from being a baby to getting my diapers changed, to going to first grade and graduating elementary school, to loving 6th grade that was the best year of my life. I had so much fun. I had so many laughs, from friends I have known for so many years. We will be best friends forever we go through a lot but will always come around and get over are problems, to graduating from middle school barely I almost didn’t graduate but I did, to going to high school. I talk about my school all day I LOVE THAT SCHOOL!!! I have so many memories of friend I use to hang out with. The one’s I still talk to until this day. The fights I seen, I was shocked when I first a boy fight his girlfriend. It was crazy she hit him upside the head with a book an expected him not to do nothing she should have never hit him at all but she did and ended up going to the hospital and her boyfriend going to jail. It was something always going on at my school in my 9th grade year from the first day to the last day. The school always kept you interested wanting to come to school, missing a day at Inkster would be life threatening because you would miss out. Then I got tired of seen the same old people I saw every day, so I left Inkster and went to another high school I made the biggest mistake of my life I HATED that school with a passion. I was thinking I could make new friends all over again boy was I WRONG about that one. I was miserable at Lathrup they had no activities no nothing. The kids there were so boogie they would wear expense of stuff it was all about if you dress nice you can get a friend, we could wear anything there except jeans and you shirt had to have a collar.

My life also changed in 11th grade when my grandma past away from health issues and abuse from my granddad. She loved him so much but she didn’t want to leave him. I think back in her day her family didn’t believe in leaving their husbands always sticking and around and living through the abuse she went through. My grandma had been through a lot she had broke her leg when my granddad pushed her into the wall, but the last straw was when she was trying to walk on the back porch, when we came home that day we had to call to ambulance. After that she was in the nurse home for a long time. My uncle was being selfish as always thinking of his self one day he took her out the nurse it was freezing cold that day he couldn’t even wait until she got better because she couldn’t walk that good he want her to go see my granddad when he could came and saw her he can still walk she the one that could, so she caught pneumonia and died. My granddad also died two months after my grandma died so it was hard for me in my 11th grade year I never went to school probably like one day out of the whole week. Then now I’m at a new school about to graduate I made it far. It was times where I would just want to quit give up on life, hope, dreams, but I made up my mind I am determined to graduate 2012. I am taking e2020 classes to make up for my 11th grade year I had failed 10 classes now have two left to finish and then I’m done, now all I have to do is good in all my core class especially Mr. Haun class.

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