April 27, 2012
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My Friend is like my Big Sister. We do everything with each other we got out with other friends she come pick me up when she wont to go over someone house just anything. Me and my friend been friends for five years she now my family I now her family. Anything that my friend do bad she tells me. But me I don’t do anything so im not bad you can ask anybody I a good person im always there for anyone throw the bad or good im the one u can call on I will give you my shoulder to cry on if you need someone to light up your day you can call on me never would I talk about you or say anything about you. My Friend Grandmother Past away so now everything is hard for her. But I told her things will get batter.

Her Grandmother was a very nice person she was funny and had a good heart she would never put you down. My friend was very hurt when her grandmother had past. She was living with her grandmother because her and her mother was always getting into fights. So her mother put her out so she want to live with her grandmother. Her grandmother said to keep them from fighting all the time she could stay with her. We want over there the next day put her grandmother was in the hosptail. So one night on the phone with her her mother called in she told me to hold on. She got back on the phone with me and she told me that her mother said to go down to the hosptail so she said she was going to call me back.

So that night I didn’t hear from her all day. It was three in the morning in she called me and she was crying so hard that I couldn’t understand what she was saying I told her to slow down take your time and talk to me. So she did and she told me that she wont to come over so we can talk so I said okay call me when you get outside. That night she was over in she said that she wanted to get in the shower I ask her have she eat anything shje said no so I made her something to eat. After she eat in got in the shower we sat down and she told me that her grandmother past away so she didn’t wont to go back to the house cause that was the last place she seen her grandmother. She was crying again so I put her head on my shoulder and she told me that I was a good friend. So I said more then a friend a BEST FRIEND and we laugh. Then she said Yeah.

I had thought6s going throw my head. About being a friend a good REAL friend. A friend that will be there for you all the time a the end of the day. That will never put you down always be there for you that will stay by your side a all times. I love my friend that’s why today I call her my BIG SISTER. We was friend then we got batter being sisters. I care about my friends. I had to show her that I was real friend and I will always be there for her even if its good or bad. Ill be there.

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