April 27, 2012
It just hit me, I am changing my ways and not for the good. Missing track practice 6 days in a row. When I start an activity I always finish it always football, basketball, baseball, track, glee club, choir, chess team anything! I’m usually always committed fully when I start an activity especially sports. Like in football last year I did not make it on the varsity team in the begging, so I played junior varsity even though I did not want to and after a couple of games of making big plays getting interceptions and scoring touchdowns I got moved up. This shows me that I am determined, always stay committed.

But now I have started track and I have missed so many days already. I am missing practice and not giving my all when I go not running my fastest nor putting in the work I am capable of. Changing. This is someone else a different person not me I got my license and my own car and don’t know how to act anymore. Who knew getting my license would change me. Freedom of being able to go where ever I want when I want to. Who knew that this was going to change my thoughts about running track?

Freedom something I see now is harder to handle than I thought. Me I am taking advantage of this freedom and not using it to help me. I have to get back to my old ways to the old me before I lose myself. Freedom. Most days I don’t like going to practice and some days feel like quitting. But I am not going to quit because I am afraid of quitting. I will feel hurt like I made a mistake, like I did not make the right decision and I know I am too good to quit.

If I quit I already know I would regret it so I am going to get back to the old me. Get my drive and my heart back and not let materialistic things change me.

This is two weeks after almost giving up, losing myself and missing there first track meet. I AM BACK! The old I am here, I stood in the trenches and I fought myself not to give up. I have not missed a day and I even went to practice on a dAdidn’t have school. I ran and the second track meet and I came in first place in both of the races I ran. I was scared thinking I did not work hard enough but now I see that I did. I proved to myself that I really was too good to quit, that it was not just in my head. I am proud of myself. Changing.

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