Girl Scout Cookies and Temptation

May 24, 2012
By Il-Jasper GOLD, Tifton, Georgia
Il-Jasper GOLD, Tifton, Georgia
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Temptation is a vast topic. Temptation can be the cookies in the jar above the refrigerator or the appealing advertisement that we all know is a gag. In the scheme of everyday life, Temptation plagues me. It lurks me like the embodiment of Anubis. I cannot hide from its deadly rays. Like a scuba diver in the wondrous ocean, I feel engulfed with water and alluring sights.

My single problem is that I can’t say no. I’m simply far too tempted. It’s noteworthy to say that following Temptation can result in being traumatized. For example, Girl Scout cookies have never costed me so much before in my lifetime of being a Girl Scout Cookie devotee. The fateful day of being apprehended by a Girl Scout, I end up broke. I get betrayed by my own conscience, and get mugged by a 12-year-old. It’s seriously mortifying. At the end of the day, I’m stuffed with the bread of my own misery, while being unable to afford therapy for my newly traumatized state.

Some say to look onwards to tomorrow. However, my tomorrow always arrive with the dawn of Temptation. One may escape morning by night; however, the circle of the day shall always be fulfilled. From this, I craft my resolution: flee with your feet if you can't do anything else. The running effort shall not be futile if I can’t see the innocence face of my perpetrator.

I will strive to become my own Artful Dodger, a dodger that evades the haunting wraith of Temptation, a pair of feet that rival Jesse Owens himself, and a devotee that knows when to run from a 12-year-old.

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