Cowgirls Dream

May 15, 2012
By Maddie Van Dien BRONZE, St.James, Missouri
Maddie Van Dien BRONZE, St.James, Missouri
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It’s every cowgirl’s dream. No, it’s my dream! My dream to race around the last barrel and demolish everyone in my division! Sweat was dripping down my face in the hundred degree weather. I could hear my horse’s breath getting harder and harder after each barrel.

Then it was like the whole world was in slow motion, everybody’s cheers got quieter, my horses strides started to ease up. The clocks stopwatch was getting slower. I had to speed up before my time was up. I had to pull away from the walls that were surrounding me. The walls that were closing in on me.

My hair was whipping my face harder, and more aggressive as my horses strides got longer, and quicker!

“I have to beat 17 seconds!” I thought to myself.

“I can do that!”

I gave my horse a kick, and a kiss, as we bolted to third barrel! I was almost close enough to touch it, but it was almost to close.

As we whipped around the third barrel, I almost smacked the barrel with my leg. We shot like a bullet from third barrel to the finish line. There were two seconds left to get from third barrel to the finish line.

I couldn’t slow down fast enough, so I smacked the cattle guard. My heart was pounding so hard and so loud, with excitement, I thought it would beat right out of my chest.

It felt like my horse was going to collapse under me, she was breathing so hard from how hard she had worked. She was pushed over her limit, but it was all worth it! We won a new halter, and demolished everyone in my division! It was a magnificent day!!

The author's comments:
This piece is about when i won Reserve Grand Champion at a Horse Show and I hope it will inspire other people too because if you try something, you will accomplish no matter what!

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