May 12, 2012
They work hard. They built themselves from the ground up. They didn’t ask for help and even if they did it was their last resort. They didn’t take no for an answer. They took on debt, equivalent to the price of a private jet. They sound crazy and unbelievably insane but they aren’t. I’m proud to say I know them and I’m lucky to be apart of their lives. Who are these people, you ask? My parents.

My mother and father have experienced strife and heartache. They know what its like to have make a living out of nothing. They’ve worked for everything they have now. They are each other’s rock, each other’s backbone, and each other’s companion. They don’t ask for much but when they do, they ask with respect. They complain and they grumble but I don’t mind. They deserve to have a minute or two to vent. They’ve earned it. I don’t think they would have gotten as far, in life, as they have without each other. I believe that they have a relationship like no other couple. They get each other. They don’t even have to talk, just a look in one another’s eyes and they know what the other wants to say. I believe they speak with eyes and listen with their hearts. They have a strange, odd, out-of-this- world relationship that is my definition of the perfect love story. Sometimes I worry, sometimes I wonder if they should take a time out, and sometimes I wonder if they need a talking to. In the end, everything turns out okay. They can be arguing one minute and the next they are horsing around like five year olds on the school playground. I want a love like that. I want someone to never let me go and never give up hope on us.

We take advantage of what we are given. We don’t realize the struggle our family had to go through in order to make our lives just a millimeter better. That millimeter means everything and I hope to never forget that. The smallest changes you decide in life could either make you or break you. If they make you great but when they break you, remember that second chances exist for a reason and that reason is you.

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