Worst Day

May 11, 2012
By Anonymous

It was June 16th, 2004. I was at the Wisconsin Dells with my family. It was awesome there, but i had some issues during one of the days we were there. That day we were at a gigantic indoor water park. I was having a blast, I was probably having the most fun that i have almost ever had. But something had almost ended the fun... I was at a enormous wave pool and there was different levels of intensity, for the waves. Back then I wasn’t too bright, kind of like those Fluorescent lights bulbs, smart, but it takes it a while to turn on. So i thought i was an “Extreme Swimmer”. So I went towards the front were the waves are the biggest and i waited for the machine to shut off too jump in. I jump in full of excitement, just waiting for the first waves to come. So it started and the first wave hit me and i thought that wasn't that bad, but then they just kept coming and coming. I just could not handle it, So i tried to swim to the side but i was too weak for these powerful waves. So i started to cry for help and a lifeguard had to come and save me.

Later that same day i was still in the huge indoor water park. i was with my dad going down a slide that required two people to go down on. So me and him went down it and i had a blast, and i wanted to go on it again. so i told my dad i was going to go on it again, but he didn't want to get on it again so he told me to go on it again. So i did. i went down the slide again, and it still was awesome, but i didn't know where my dad went. So i started looking around for him but couldn't find him my mom or any of my other family members. So i started to freak out i started hyperventilating and i was running around scared and alone. so i thought my best bet was to go out to our car since i remember where we parked. i got in the car and started to cry. I thought i was never gonna see my family again. and then i accidentally puked on the carpet of the car. Then i decided that i would go look for my parents again in side and as soon as i got into that pool area i saw my dad ran to him with joy! I told him i just wanted to go back to the hotel because I had a terrible day.

I went on the next day and i didn't want to do anything because i was so frightened by what had happened yesterday, but my parents told me not to worry about it and to try to have a good time there while i can because we would only be there for a week; we were leaving in two days. So i went to go with my dad, little brother, and my little sister to a go cart derby. I thought it was amazing for how old i was. I was only going about 25 to 30 mph. I thought i was flying cause my cart was in better shape than the one my father and my younger sibling cart. Again i was having fun. later that day we went to MacDonald and then got cold stone ice cream after. So this would turn out to be quite an adventure for a 10 year old.

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