World Trade Tradgey

May 11, 2012
By briannadavae BRONZE, Greenville, South Carolina
briannadavae BRONZE, Greenville, South Carolina
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There was smoke, fire, screams, debris, and many deaths upon this city. The sound of booming bombs. The sounds of glass, bricks, and woods hitting the ground. The cries of people who scream for the lives of their love ones. Some people remember that day as the World Trade Center Crash but I remember it as 9-11 terrorists attack.

The beginning was unexpected. There were middle aged people on a plane headed to New York, but what happened next no one could predict. On the plane were terrorist and those terrorist decided to take over the plane. One terrorist controlled the seating area and two controlled the flight area. They held the passengers hostages with weapons. They didn’t let the passengers do anything around the plane, but they did give them permission to call home and tell their loved ones goodbye. After being hostage for some hours the hostages decided to take action. When they took action they failed. This made the terrorist angry, so they decided to take their action and from there, you know what happened.

When family members got their messages about their loved ones and about the terrorist attach they knew their loved ones would no longer be with them. It’s very depressing to hear about how people lost their loved ones because I almost lost a loved one myself. My grandfather was in the building 30 minutes before the crashing. If the crashing occurred 30 minutes earlier my grandfather would not be here today.

This tragic day not only touched others but it touched me and changed my attitude because you would think that disasters like that only happens in movies and on television shows but there were regular people with regular daily lives that died. There were no stunt doubles or actors/actress. I can’t imagine what people felt like. I thank God everyday for my life because I could have been in New York in that building at that time.

The author's comments:
This was a special time in my life when i could have lost someone very special to me.

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