Tracing Fish and Eating Oreos

May 10, 2012
By Anonymous

One of my favorite childhood memories took place on a hot summer day when I was six. My family and I lived in a small two bedroom house in Pryor, Oklahoma. The small backyard was covered in green grass. My brother and I had a small pool, a swing set, and our own little plastic blue and orange table. On this day my dad was home from work, which was a rare occasion. My brother and I spent the day with our dad and playing outside.
We started the day by watching Tom & Jerry in our pajamas. Later that morning, my brother and I decided we wanted to go swimming. We spent several hours in the small pool seeing who could hold their breath the longest and tracing the fish on the pool walls. My dad fixed us pepperoni pizza and macaroni and cheese. We ate it outside on our plastic table and our favorite blue and coral plates. We even got the rare treat of a Pepsi.
Finally, when we were full and believed we couldn’t eat anymore, my dad brought out a box of Oreos. My brother and I decided that we could definitely make room for them in our “full” stomachs. After taking a short nap, we continued playing the rest of the afternoon. We played in the pool, on the swings and the slide, and in the toy car under our favorite tree. This was, and always will be, one of my favorite childhood memories.

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