The Unforgiving Tree

May 10, 2012
By KevinMcc BRONZE, Holly, Michigan
KevinMcc BRONZE, Holly, Michigan
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Sledding on a cold winter day, full of energy and raring for more. Sledding down the hill at top speed, the freezing cold wind and soft, fluffy snow smashing into my face. I feel a sudden surge of energy hit me from underneath. I have hit a rock and I land face first in the snow. I can feel the numbness on my face; I open my eyes to a white blurry world. I lay there relaxing, taking the pain in before I have to stand up. I take my glasses off and make my way to my feet. I start to wander around to find somewhere to put my glasses because they are now becoming a nuisance and I’m done. I hear a yell, “What are you doing?” I yell back, “Trying to find somewhere to put my glasses.” My other friend finds a medium size hole in a tree just over my head and tells me to put them on the ledge of the hole. Everything being blurry and the hole being over my head I set them on the ledge not investigating to see if the hole is safe or not, They sit perfectly. Finally realizing my glasses might not be secure in the spot I put them, I go to grab them, but with my poor vision without my glasses, I end up pushing them instead of grabbing them. My glasses have just fallen into what might possibly be a 6-foot hole.

I don’t realize what just happened until about 5 seconds after they have fallen in. In hysteria I start to laugh at the fact that my glasses just fell into the tree. Thinking and also saying, “This can’t be happening.” My friend walks over asks, “What’s wrong?” I explain to him what has just happened. I stand there for a second, observing this ginormous tree standing before me. I look around at all the other trees realizing this is the biggest tree I see. I look back at the tree, the big, brown, rough monster that has just ate my glasses. I realize this unforgiving tree isn’t going to give me my glasses back and I won’t ever see my glasses again. I think about what my life will be like if I don’t get my glasses back, I have to work tomorrow, how will I be able to see, how am I going to drive home, how will I be able to read anything in school. I’m screwed I think and there’s nothing I can do. How am I going to explain to my mom what happened, I can’t do this. I have to get my glasses back. I reach into the hole sticking about 1/8th of my hand in there; I feel nothing but a deep void.

The author's comments:
My glasses have fallen into a tree. I have to get them out no matter what.

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