The Time I Made My Little Brother Drink Dish Detergent

May 8, 2012
By Anonymous

I remember a long time ago when me and my brothers were a lot younger. We were bad. We use to pull pranks on each other, beat each other up and take each others’ stuff. We had a lot of grown-ups living in the house so none of us kids could get away with anything.

One day my mom left my brother Kevin, my brother Bobby, and I at home with my grandma. I don’t know where the other grown-ups were but my grandma was the only one there. To try and keep us out of trouble she put us to work, she made us do chores. The house was already clean because my step dad and grandma had cleaned that morning, but after everyone ate breakfast the kitchen sink was full, so she told us to wash dishes. She was tired so she went in the room and laid on the bed and watched TV.

My brothers and I thought she went to sleep so we started cracking jokes and playing around at the kitchen sink. I didn’t want to get in trouble so I washed most of them and Kevin and bobby dried and put the dishes away. But after a few minutes Kevin said we should play truth or dare and since we were bored bobby and I agreed. Bobby went first. He chose dare, so Kevin dared him to drink some of the dish detergent. We thought that since the detergent smelled like oranges that maybe it would taste like it too, so bobby said ok to drinking it.

Kevin had went and got a chair from the dining room table for bobby to sit in. We decided that Kevin would pour it in bobby mouth and I would hold bobby hands so he couldn’t try to block it. We were all laughing because we thought it was funny but we had to be quiet because we didn’t want my grandma to come catch us. Bobby sat in the chair with his hands behind the chair and his mouth open with Kevin standing over him. We asked bobby if he was ready and he shook his head yeah so Kevin started pouring it in his mouth.

We asked him if it was nasty and he shook his head yeah. For awhile everything was calm and ok, but when the detergent got to his throat bobby started crying and screaming and yelling telling us to stop. We laughed because we thought it was funny, but when my grandma ran in the kitchen to see what was happening me and Kevin an in the living room. Bobby continued to cry and yell saying that it burned. My grandma told bobby to go in the bathroom and spit out as much of it as he could and then rinse his mouth with water.

She came into the living room with a belt and me and Kevin had already been crying because we knew what was about to happen. We got a whooping. She told us all to take a nap and that we would have to deal with my mom when she came home. When my mom did come home, my grandma told her what happened, my momma came into the room with a belt in her hand and Kevin and I got another weapon. And since bobby was feeling better he got a whooping for being stupid and letting us pour dish detergent in his mouth. We learned our lesson from that. Even though we still did pranks on each other and what not, we knew not to pour chemicals down each others throats.

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