Fading Friendship

May 6, 2012
By Devicorn BRONZE, Long Beach, California
Devicorn BRONZE, Long Beach, California
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I was looking through my papers trying to find my ID and I saw this postcard my ex-bestfriend wrote me.It was bittersweet it was about us trying to mend the friendship that we had.Is it bad that i wont try to fix that old relationship. I feel that the friendship we had is dead and gone it cant be revived. I would try to fix it but our friendship was like a steel vase at first when we could take every hit that came but then it became a glass vase where it was fragile and vulnerable any touch would be the end…that vase came crashing down and you cant fix something that’s shattered. with the death of that vase came the fall of all our dreams and goals as friends.

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