The True Story

May 3, 2012
By NataleeA BRONZE, Sherburn, Minnesota
NataleeA BRONZE, Sherburn, Minnesota
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Once upon a time there was a girl named Angel. Angel was a shy and quiet girl. Angel lived with her dad for about 11 years. Angel loved and still loves him very much; she grew up without a mother the majority of her life. Angel’s dad had raised angel the majority of her life. Angel’s dad had her grandmother help raise her too.

Angel moved from Austin TX, to San Francisco to Anaheim to Fort Worth to Houston and now she lives in Trimont Minnesota. Angel was an only child on her dad’s side of the family and that’s kind of the way she liked it, but on her moms side she has two sisters and one brother. Angel liked being the only child because she liked getting all the attention from her dad and she could get the majority or all of what she wanted. Angel is a big daddy’s girl. Every weekend angel and her dad would spend the whole day together doing what angel wanted.

Angel used to be a major brat when she lived with her dad. Angel’s dad would spoil her rotten. Now angel is almost 17 years old. Angel now lives with her mother here in Trimont Minnesota. Angel has lived with her mom for three years now. Angel goes to a new school called martin county west, she has made many new friends. Angel has gotten to know her mom’s side of the family really well now. Angel loves her family very much.

Angel’s mom side of the family is very crazy and very funny. Angel loves going over to her aunt and uncle’s house and spending time with them. Angel’s family is also kind of weird but angel wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. Angel wants to grow up and be a culinary chef.

Angel wants to be a culinary chef because she loves to cook all sorts of food. Angel also likes to come up with her own ideas for food and she just loves to be creative. Angel is going to do what she wants to do when she grows up. Angel really doesn’t care what people are going to think or say about her.

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