my first gun

May 1, 2012
"Happy".i was given my first gun when i was 12.i think that was the best day of my life and this boy i call my brother bro for short he has known me sent i was in the 6th grade.We were like real family.He was my life.i was so happy when i got my gun but at the same time i was scare because at that time i was taking thing,smoking,robbing people and.i was stealing going through my dad death.he was the best dad in the 13th birthday came around and my boyfriend He said,''dang you grow up so fast.''at the time he was 16."with the cold feeling of my gun on my side i was thinking that i was grown as hell.i was having too much fun to get out the streets and by my boyfriend being known around the block and me having a gun at that age.i was the H.B.I.C no one could not tell me nothing i got mad respect in school,parties, and even from grown people in my hood. East Warren and Buckingham i got into a fight with a girl and i shot one time in the air that was the first time i used my gun and. but that is just another story

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KelliB said...
May 9, 2012 at 11:54 am could definitely use some grammar help---umm, interesting story to someone who enjoys this kind of work. The really good part about this though was that it sounded authentic--you know? The language, the poor punctuation/english all made it more about who the author really was. So good job on that.
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