April 27, 2012
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Staying focused at all times may be easy for some but it’s hard for me. Distractions are put in your way to see if you can triumph and get pass them. For me staying focus is hard because I had many distractions put before me. At the beginning of the school year I was not focused as I am now. I came into the 11th grade year thinking that I got this, it will be a breeze. It started with me not doing my homework. Then I began not paying attention in class to the lesson and direction for class assignments, that’s why I couldn’t do the homework so I just blew it off. Every day I was sitting around my friends in class cracking jokes and laughing. Then the 1st report card came out and I didn’t like the results though my grades didn’t reflect my intelligence, so I said when the next card marking came I was going to be idiom.

Now you would think that I would be on top of my stuff after my first report card. I was focused for about a week or two. Then I was right back off task again. By now I have obtained a girlfriend and now she was my main priority. I was more concerned about her than my school work. I would be in class texting her in class not paying attention to what the lesson that the teacher was explaining. For the next 6 weeks I wasn’t focused on my work. I was focused on my girlfriend. Then the second report card came out. I did better than the 1st report card but still it was not good enough for me or mother. This was around my birthday now and Christmas was a couple weeks away, my mother told me I wasn’t getting anything for my birthday and Christmas. I was furious but I couldn’t be mad at no one except myself because it was no one's fault except mine.

The 2nd semester began my girlfriend had gotten kicked out of school. So now I would be focused on my class work because I wouldn’t be playing around in the hall being late with her. Now I was focused on my work doing every assignments and extra credit when it was given. I excluded myself from my friends in class. I sat by myself because I knew that was the only way to fully focus up on my work. Then I began to see myself proper in my school work because I was putting in effort unlike before was just trying to do enough to get by.

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