The Birth of My Niece

April 27, 2012
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Sunday October 16, 2011 was the day that my brother Erik's daughter was born Melody. I couldn’t believe it, because he was supposed to have a baby before but the mother had a miscarriage. Every since October 16, I have been enjoying every second with my niece.

It was about 1:00 in the morning when my brother called and said “She’s here”. My mother and I began to put on out shoes and coat and rushed to Hutzel Hospital. “Come on mama! Let’s go!” When we got to the hospital all you heard was “Is it my turn? Can I hold her now? No one could wait to hold Melody. Her little adorable hat. She was just so little. She came out very light I was wondering why. Her mother Dominique and her father Erik were so dark. But everyone was saying “she’s just a baby Porsha’”. The day she was born all our friends and family kept going to see her. Even when she came home we stayed at her house.

When Melody was about 2 months she started spending the weekends with us. Late nights, early mornings. That’s all I could say, because we were going to sleep late and waking up early. She was constantly waking up the way she was because she was so constipated. Every Saturday night we dropped her off me and my mother would come home and crash. We were so tired. During the time she was with us my mother would take her to go see my grandmother and our relatives would come over to visit Melody.

Soon things started to change and Melody was only coming over for one day. So much gas my mother wasted. I don’t know what made Melody mother stop her from coming around so much as she did. We were guessing. First we thought that it was because my brother. Then we thought it was because we were spoiling her. No one knew but Dominique.

I was so excited about having a niece, and now that’s been taken away. Since I’m the youngest, I always wanted a younger sibling. I just wanted somebody to spoil and for someone to look up to me. Although in don’t know if she is going to look up to me. I love Melody she is the best little thing in my life. And she’s back spending the night

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