My Flaws & Actions

April 27, 2012
By Anonymous

The one thing I chose was when I got kicked out of high school. I got kicked out because I let myself get to the point where I caused myself to use physical action. I hit the security guard Jamie. I didn’t purposely try to hit her. When I swung my fist she jumped in front of me.
It happened so quick & rapidly. I didn’t even know it happened until they showed me and my mother the tapes. This led me to attend my current high school. This help me find that I shouldn’t let little things get to me. I should brush them off and keep it moving.

If it wasn’t for my poor actions, I would still be attending my old school. What led to the altercation was me arguing with another fellow classmate. The student and I had been having a problem for a minute now. One minute we were cool, then the next we were into it. That one specific day I was already highly irritated and on 10. When I heard her speaking down on me, I snapped.

I went to approach her in an unapprociate way. I went about it my way instead of the right way. I thought to myself “ im getting over the limit”, but I didn’t pay it know mind. I wasn’t thinking in the right state of mind. I just was fed up about the whole situation.

Me and the other student had meetings with the dean of students multiple times before this incident occurred. The meetings didn’t work, and this arose. I was the only one that got 180 days, not because I swung, but because I hit a staff member. I am upset at my actions, but because of that I learned to go about things the right way and to brush little things off. Although my actions were wrong, I learned a valuable lesson and can teach others from this.

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