April 27, 2012
By Anonymous

It’s a lot of things in this world that can get me determined to complete what I start. One of those things that gat me determined to finish what I start. If someone is waiting for me to complete it or if I am doing something for someone. Another way to get me determined if I am playing a game and I would want to finish the game.

Let’s go back a couple of years back to when I was in the six grade. I had fun as a child.

When I got hurt I would just get back up and keep playing like nothing happened.

I always played with my friends at the park. We laugh all the time and we enjoyed each other’s company. I liked school, but when it comes down to doing work I didn’t have a problem doing it.
I had every problem doing it because it got in the way of me playing with my friends and playing video games. I received homework every day. Did I do it? NO. When I get home from school I just tell my parents that I didn’t get any homework, so I can play. They asked me every day I would just tell them the same thing every day. Nope, no homework today.
So one day my teacher called my home and talked to my mother. I didn’t know my teacher called my mother. I am thinking today is a normal day.

ITS NOT!!!!!!

I did not expect what was about to happen. I get home from school, my mother asked me did have homework I said no. She knew instantly I was lying. She asked me did I have homework again. I know something was wrong, by the look on her face. I knew I was in trouble. I put my head. I peeked back up to look at her face. I see her sweating with anger. She told me my teacher called I was wondering why. I didn’t do anything bad in school. My teacher told my mother I didn’t do any homework out of the whole school year. My mother was so angry. She went into the living room and sat down on the couch. After my mom calm down she told me if I didn’t do my homework I wasn’t going pass the six grade and that was not going to happen. That’s when I got determined to pass the six grade.

I was getting ready to do all my homework so I can pass. I went into the kitchen I got a big glass of juice some chips and a candy bar. It took me five hours to complete all my homework.


My teacher said “ Jimmy was that so hard to do”.


The author's comments:
this is a story from my childhood

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