Theft of Privacy

April 27, 2012
By Anonymous

This time was the last straw. After being broken into three times since we moved in three years ago, it’s time we moved out of this house and go back to our old home. It really irritates me and the rest of the family knowing that possibly three different groups have invaded our home. It makes you feel like your privacy is completely gone now that they know what stuff you have and when you’re out of the house.

The first break-in happened when my brother and I were at school. After we got home, we noticed that our parents got home and told us that we had been robbed. Naturally, we were both shocked about it. My first thoughts were what was taken and were our pets ok. Thankfully, they were both ok. Strangely enough, none of my things were stolen, but just the feeling of having some random stranger in our home made me really uneasy. Although, made me feel bad because everyone else had something taken and the fact that it was like I had nothing worth stealing. The robbers got away with three flat screen T.V.s, two new flat screen computers, an old laptop, and an Xbox 360.

The second time, my brother and I were home only when it happened. Thankfully, whoever it was didn’t go upstairs. The thing is that we never noticed that someone else was in the house. This time, they got another one of our new computers.

The third time happened like the first, while everyone was out the house. Now they ended up with two more flat screen T.V.s and my dad’s Playstation 3 Again, everyone else had something stolen from them except for me, but that was primarily due to our dog being in my room. The living room was a mess. Wires from the T.V. and sound system were just scattered across the floor, family pictures and possessions just tossed to the side, it was terrible just to look at.

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