April 27, 2012
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Breaks are supposed to be relaxing and peaceful, well mines were exhausting and busy. I played with my tiger stripped puppy AJ in our huge beautiful backyard, which is decorated with a beautiful tree covered in cherries, a brown wooden picnic table, about 15 tiki torches surrounding the fence, and a big blue dog house. He loves to run, and jump all over me, which makes me very tired and dirty. I always run as fast as I can as if he could never catch me but he always does. I ran towards the cherry tree and try to jump over the picnic table but it failed, I tripped over the bench and scraped my knee on the concrete, “OUCH!” I was mad. I ran in the 0.house crying and yelling at the dog, “Stay your butt in this house because if that dog bite you I’m not taking you to the hospital” my mom yelled. After a few seconds, I thought should I go back out and play. I went back outside playing as if nothing ever happened.

Another thing I did over spring break to get me tired was spend long nights on the phone, being outside with my friends and riding up and down the street in my shiny hot red go cart that my dad had bought me last summer as a early birthday gift. My brother had to take two trips to the gas station to put gas in my ride. I was so excited because I haven’t ridden it since last summer. It had gotten chilly so I had to put the ride up. “What a day!”

I also worked out with my mom and Aunt Linda; we walked around the track ten times and jogged around three, I was so exhausted when I got home breathing hard and sweating heavy. As soon as I stepped in the house my brother had so much to tell me. I tried to escape to my room but he was being so silly I had to sit there and listen. So I spent about two hours laughing and telling jokes with my brother. I wanted the laughter to end.

The final thing I did to make me so tired was cleaning my closet out. I found so manythings that didn’t even belong to me. I founded my mom’s favorite pink Gucci purse that she had got for her 30th birthday. I found my brother ROTC jacket that he had been looking for and my puppy toys that were bought last month. “How did all that get in there?” I ask myself. I honestly don’t know how all of that had gotten in there but I had to make sure I returned their belongings to them. After all that playing, cleaning, and talking I had to get me some rest knowing that school was the next day. “Boy Am I Tired”

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