April 27, 2012
By , detroit, MI
The idea I’m going to write about is successful to help me to Expert all my classes. And the event that happened in my life that compares to this idea is when I got my first E in the ninth grade.
I said to myself WHAT!!! This is unacceptable.
I have a lot of family members that’s not gone be proud of me.
I already have friends upset and giving me speeches on how to get my grades up. All that disappoint from family and friends was eating me up and got me considering enough’s enough
I got to do this,
I can do this,
I will do this.
To focus and bring my grades up from an E to at least an experting grade.
So a couple weeks had passed and not understanding what I was doing which was doing my work before I knew it I was doing my work such as turning in homework’s barely experting tests which was ok because it was better to pass than to fail. I was also studying and doing my class work assignments’ and turning them in on time.
And then without a doubt I knew I was experting class. I said to myself YES! So progress reports had came in and mostly all my grades where B’s and C’s and I told myself that this was good,
You did it, and I knew I could do it.
Without any doubt in my mind I knew I successful.
This was a very successful moment to me because I had like a whole another side to my brain saying don’t worry about it you can get all your work in at the end school year.
But a whole another side of my brain was saying why wait until the last moment when you can do it know and don’t try to cram it in at the last minute.
This was very frustrating for me because know me and the person who I am I was going with the side saying wait till the last moment and cram it in but I had a second change of heart which was my family members being disappointed at me.
Also friends know that my friends had higher grades than me and I was that type of person that like my grades to be high and to show off my grades.
But the grades I had made me not want to even take out my report card and show my friends.
This is a good example for me and people who read this because maybe they’ll get a good idea on how to get a better understanding on how family members and friends care about you and you’re the successful work you can do.

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