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April 27, 2012
By Armani Antwine BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
Armani Antwine BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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I was the youngest boy out of six. Growing up I wonder were my life would stand. I wonder were and what I be doing my background and my neighborhood I grew up in was rough neighborhood on outerdrive and Kentfield. My family and I had to make the most of it. My brother always stayed in trouble most of the times. My mother thought I was going to follow in his footsteps because I always be with him. My mother didn’t know me and my brother talk every night. We didn’t have it made with a big house where everybody gets their own rooms, “naw” we was barely getting by. My brother was telling me everything I do try to be the best at and have a positive mind about everything. He also told me to be better than him don’t do what he be doing and don’t follow down his footsteps, but my mom didn’t know that she would just assume. My brother played basketball most of his life, before he got himself in some trouble. He inspired me to play and to be the best that I can because I remember that night like it was yesterday when he told me to be the best at everything I do and be better than him. My brother was hanging around the wrong crowd and everything happen so fast he say and wasn’t nothing he can do about it. He got sent to jail, my mom was disappointed and my grandmother. My mom was crying and my grandma was too, I hate to see their stuffy nose and red eyes felt like the ends didn’t meet the deadlines. I hate to see my love ones down and out. Instead of making them cry I would like to make them smile. I knew then and there I had to do something positive
I started playing basketball, every game I play I just think of my brother and if he was here watching how proud of me. Every jump shot I take I see how he would shoot it. On every game day I pray and ask for strength and in my prayer I mention my brother. I knew my brother hung out with the wrong crowd so I knew I had to pick my friends wisely Me and my brother talk to this day, I use to write him letters to I got lazy. We talk on the phone and sometimes I see him in person. I always think if he would get out would he change? Or if he never went in where would he be? I don’t let my thoughts bother me sometimes they help me in a way. Basketball kept me out a lot of trouble. I think if I haven’t found basketball I would be where my”bro” is now. Nobody really supported me though. I never really had the support I need or ever wanted. Nobody came in watch me or compliment me.
Today I don’t really play the game of basketball like that anymore. It seem like as you get older some things change and don’t excite you no more. Since I really never had the support I wanted I decided I was just going to support myself and what I do. I decided I would like to tell my story though a microphone and let others listen and they can support me if they like it. It is always good to try new things, one thing my brother told me is don’t let nobody tell you can’t do nothing, you can do anything if you put your mind and heart to it.

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