the big bang

April 21, 2012
By Alex Cole BRONZE, Paramus, New Jersey
Alex Cole BRONZE, Paramus, New Jersey
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KLONK!!!!! i climbed up stairs and out of the pool. Wait, hold on let's try that again. I walked up to the intermediate pool.

I know I can do this. I attempted to do a flip but I epically failed. Why can't I do this? I walked out of the pool. Then I see my brother my brother running towards me. I turned around to see the pool was, now red with blood. I was the cause. My brother picked me up and started running to first aid.

"Chris? Are you dead too?" I interrogated him.

"No, you're not dead Alex." he testified.

My brother then brought me to the girls bathroom in the handicap. It had a separable shower head. It took about an hour and a half to t the blood out of my hair, for like five minutes anyways. It took twenty-five minutes for the ambulance to come. By that time I couldn't see a thing because the blood had blinded me. Right as the ambulance came my best friend shows up worrying about me like crazy. I was put on a stretcher and lifted into the ambulance. I was somewhat happy because my favorite fire fighter/ paramedic Dashue came along to lift my spirits and comfort me during the ride. My mom was obligated to come so yea.

When I got into the hospital. I had to sit on my mom's lap in a wheelchair. Then again, I was just seven years old. Anyways Dashue had wheeled us into the emergency room. Ouch that hurts a lot. I was just getting my last stitches. I got twenty-five stitches. And too think the doctor who was giving me the stitches said that it wouldn't hurt one bit. I had just gotten out of the room when I was waiting to get my room. We waited just about five minutes. Yet again Dashue was wheeling me and my mom into our room that I thought I would be sharing with someone else. But I was very wrong.

"OH MY GOSH , I got my very own room" I somewhat shouted.

As soon as I heard the KLOP KLOP KLOP I realized just who was walking down the hall to see me. It was my grandmother. I was so excited to see her but then again I was kind of scared to hear how she would react to what I had done, but of course she was just happy to see that I was alright. They were coming closer and closer and closer.

" "I'm so sorry, I know it was stupid but I just wanted to try it" I struggled to say through the tears that were rolling down my cheeks.
"I'm so happy you are okay I was so worried" she exclaimed.

" Guess what, I just got twenty-five stitches" I stated happily.

The week after, I got home but when I did I experienced the weirdest thing in the whole entire world. It went a little bit like this.

When we finally got home I walked into my house. I had noticed something very last minute, my great aunt had been running towards me to give me a huge hug, when all of a sudden she just stopped in her tracks.

"Wow Alex you lost a lot of weight, I need to fatten you up" she thought out loud.

After all was said and done she lifted me up in a huge hug, the biggest hug I have ever gotten. I was so happy.

A year later I found out that Dashue passed away. He had a heart attack at only twenty-six years old. I was crying all day long. He gave me a toy that made me feel so much better. I was holding it all year long, because at that time I thought that if I let it go he would leave me. But if I had to say something I would say ALWAYS cherish the ones you love you never know when they will leave you. Just kidding it really is to never try to do a flip unless you are absolutely sure you can do it. And if you do try to do a flip then don't do it in a three foot pool. Do it in a deeper pool. I would say a twelve foot pool would suffice.

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