My Mother

April 12, 2012
By Anonymous

This might not be the format requested, but my mother is a saint. I don't appreciate her as much as she deserves. She has never hesitated to help me, through her life and mine. Should I need anything, she's always there. More specifically, schoolwork. Anytime I've needed help or ANY sort of motivation, she's dropped everything to help me. She works full time as a teacher and has had a rough time with it. Even through this, even through her and my father divorcing, she has helped me, no matter what. She is probably one of the most important people in my life and deserves some recognition for everything she does for me.

My mother came from an interesting background, put up for adoption at a young age, her foster mother dying when she was eleven. Yet she never stopped being a good person. She was, is and always will be kind to everyone. She was kicked out of her home her senior year in high school and forced to move to another town, where she succeeded and went to Baylor University, where she got her degree to become a teacher and met my father. Eleven years later, I was born. And now, nearly twenty six years after that, she is still as kind and loving as she has ever been. Of course, this is true of most, if not all parents, but I’ve always felt she pushed the limits. She has always been stern, but fair, and lets me get away with a lot of crap I shouldn’t. She loves me, and I figured now was the time to recognize it. This is for my mother, whom I will always love.

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