April 10, 2012
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I was about nine years old; my mom and I went to the flea market as we do every saturday. We always loved to see all the antiques and stuff there; it was always a fun experience. Even if we did not have money to spend at the time we still went just to look around. It was how we spent most of our time on saturdays.Most of the time we brought home somthing it was not always alot but it was something.

It was summer vacation and we went to the flea market. I loved animals and still do. The first thing I would do is go on the pony rides. I loved to pet and feed them. There was also a small place where you could pet animals. They had sheep, young calves, a llama, and a camel. Those were normally the first places I would go.

Afterthat we went to look at other things. My mom would look for plants for her garden. I would like to look at movies and video games some people were selling (that was also the mario game). As we walked around we found things we wanted and things we never saw before.

i went to the pet section while my mom was looking at some clocks. I liked to see the birds that they had. they had tiny parakeets and large cockatoos. there was also a love bird that hated me(talk about irony). As I was looking around I saw a new animal they never hed before. they were red-eared slider turles.I wanted a turtle for a while (I had a love for reptiles that was fueled by a love for dinosaurs when I was four).I had done my home work and decided that a red-eared slider was the turtle for me. It took some convincing but my mom finally agreed to take the reptile home. I chose the smallest one there was and a bag of turtle food.

That is how I got my red-eared slider turtle Shelldon. He loves eating worms and crayfish, but is allergic to the crayfish. To me he is the best reptile in the world and I can tell he likes me. Who said they were cold-blooded?

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