A Great Gift

April 10, 2012
By DivineStar BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
DivineStar BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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When I got up I knew something was out of sorts because it was quiet, too quiet. Sensing something was wrong i got up and made my way down the hall towards the back room. As I got closer I heard voices saying, "Be quiet! Stop talking here she comes." As i approached the door I braced myself for the worst. I reached out grabbed the door knob and slowly opened the door. As I opened the door I heard laughter which was kind of evil not funny. Once I opened the door about a foot I peeked in and saw the most fantastic thing in the world , my niece and nephew, who I had not seen in more then 1 month. They were standing together holding a box that said, " To: Aunty Dana From: Us." As they handed me the box I almost started crying because of who was giving me the gift. They gave me the box and I just kept looking at it with a smile on my face. After 3 minutes they said, " Can you open it?" I looked up nodded and started to open the box. I looked in side and it was a Hello Kitty watch with a matching necklace. I felt tears in my eyes, but me being me I held them back. They asked me if I liked it. I tried to answer but all i could do was wrap my arms around them and smile.

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